Prismatic LED Necklace

Take a look at our fabulous, flashing prismatic necklace, measuring approximately 2.5 inches in diameter. The necklace houses 3 ...
Prices from £1.79

Flashing Chaser Necklaces

A swirling, twirling tube of maxed-out LED power! Ordinary glow accessories are good enough in their own right, but sometimes ...
Prices from £1.99

Flashing Whistles

Demand attention with our flashing whistles! A great product at an even better price, each whistle comes blister packed and includes ...
Prices from £0.99

Flashing Glitter Heart Necklace

The Glitter Heart Necklace is all glitter and glow in a gorgeous heart shape! A heart shaped pendant with more glow than you'll ...
Prices from £1.59

Flashing Rave Horn

Brand new product available to the UK, the next time you get yourself to a rave or festival be sure to take a flashing raver horn. ...
Prices from £0.99

Light Up Hawaiian Lei
Prices from £1.99
Flashing Skull Necklace

The Flashing Skull Necklace is a perfect little accessory to add the final finishing touch to your Halloween or fancy dress outfit. ...
Prices from £1.49

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