Glow Necklaces

50 Pack of Glow Necklaces

Our 50-pack of long-lasting glow necklaces comes in a wide variety of bright and vibrant colours, giving you the freedom to pick ...
Prices from £9.74

50 Pack Tri Colour Necklaces

50 Tri Colour Glow Necklaces per tube. Each tri colour glow necklace is 22 inches long, in one continuous piece and 6mm thick (not ...
Prices from £9.74

Flashing Chaser Necklaces

A swirling, twirling tube of maxed-out LED power! Ordinary glow accessories are good enough in their own right, but sometimes ...
Prices from £1.41

Individually Wrapped Glow Necklaces

A top selling classic that will never go out of style! Individually packaged to entertain a crowd of any size, these individually ...
Prices from £0.24

Glow Pendant Necklace

A classic, wearable, long-lasting glow accessory! Why wear “regular” jewellery to a night-time event when no one can see it? ...
Prices from £0.23

Flashing Blue Star Necklace

Bold, blue and utterly hypnotic, the Flashing Blue Star necklace redefines what you can expect from glow jewellery! The star-shaped ...
Prices from £0.41

Individually Wrapped TRI Colour Necklaces

Three gorgeous colours, one stunning accessory! Our 22-inch tri-colour necklaces give single-colour glow accessories a run for ...
Prices from £0.24

Flashing Star Necklaces

These flashing necklaces are in a class of their own when it comes to 'wow' factor! Despite the spikey look, they are extremely ...
Prices from £0.49

Flashing Blue Dolphin Necklace

Dolphins capture the essence of fun, frolic and a bit of mystery. Our flashing blue dolphin necklace lets you wear a bit of their ...
Prices from £0.41

Twister Glow Necklace 50 Pack

**BRAND NEW** Each pack of 50 Twister Glow Necklaces contains a mixture of twister colours (Red, Blue and White) (Yellow, Green ...
Only £19.16

Flashing Glitter Heart Necklace

The Glitter Heart Necklace is all glitter and glow in a gorgeous heart shape! A heart shaped pendant with more glow than you'll ...
Prices from £0.83

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