Janet UV Lipstick

The UV Lipstick comes in vivid neon colours and reacts under ultra violet light to glow extremely brightly. The lipstick can also ...
Prices from £1.29

UV Neon Face and Body Paint 10ml

This UV Neon Face and Body Paint comes in 10ml tubes in an array of stunning colours. It is a creamy wax-based product used to ...
Only £1.99

UV Neon Lipstick

These stunning UV reactive lipsticks have a smooth and creamy texture, are easy to apply and last for hours. They are available ...
Only £2.99

Glitter Face and Body Paint 10ml

The Glitter face and body paint has a gel consistency and can be used to create special effects on the face & body. The Glitter ...
Only £3.99

UV Mascara

Need something to really make you stand out? The UV Mascara will be able to enhance your eyes to give a fantastically funky look. ...
Only £3.99

UV Hair Gel 10ml

The UV hair gel comes in 6 UV Neon colours that glow under UV lighting. The UV Hair Gel is a temporary hair colour product which ...
Only £2.99

UV Neon Glitter Face Paint 10ml

The first of it'sr kind, these UV Neon Glitterface paints are taking the world by storm! Cosmetically certified for use on the ...
Only £3.99

Glow Hair Gel

glow in the dark hair gel from paint glow

Only £2.99
UV Neon Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner is available in 5 fantastic colours, Purple, Blue, Green and Pink.

Only £2.49
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